The template below includes the following:

internal categories (INTERNAL), Dublin Core categories (DC), and SSG-FI categories (SSG-FI).
The DC categories are derived from the current state of the discussion (
The categories are prepared to describe offline (e.g. CD-ROMs) and printed resources as well. Where indicated in the table, the meaning can vary slightly according to the source described.

DC   1 = DC.Title
DC   2 = DC.Creator
DC   3 = DC.Subject
DC   4 = DC.Description
DC   5 = DC.Publisher
DC   6 = DC.Contributor [not used by SSG-FI]
DC   7 = DC.Date
DC   8 = DC.Type
DC   9 = DC.Format
DC 10 = DC.Identifier
DC 11 = DC.Source [not used by SSG-FI, see DC 13]
DC 12 = DC.Language
DC 13 = DC.Relation [with subelements "IsPartOf" (SSG-FI: "contained in"), "IsBasedOn" (SSG-FI: "derived from"), and "HasVersion" (SSG-FI: "archived by")
DC 14 = DC.Coverage
DC 15 = DC.Rights

Internal File Number (Internal) Internal file number (automatically generated by database program)
Title (DC 1) Document name provided by the author, creator, or publisher of the resource
Author (DC 2) Person(s) responsible for the intellectual content of the document (webmasters are not considered authors). Syntax: name, address, country, email address
Editor (DC 2) Person(s) responsible for the intellectual content of the document (webmasters are not considered editors). Syntax: name, address, country, email address
Publisher (DC 5) Publisher, Society, Department, etc. responsible for the document in terms of content. Syntax: name, city, country
Distributor (DC 5) Institution responsible (in technical terms) for operation of the server on which the document is stored. Syntax: name, city, country
Type (DC 8) online (WWW), offline (CD-ROM) oder printed (book, etc.).
Language (DC 12) Language(s) of document contents (following the ISO 639 language code, multiple entries possible
Country (SSG-FI) Country in which the resource is stored or in which the server is located. (ISO 3166:1993, German DIN EN 23166:1995), (
Format (DC 9) online resources: data format(s) of resource, e.g. text/html (text file), jpeg (image file), gif (image file). This is to inform users on hardware and software needed to view document and to estimate download times.
offline resources:hardware and software requirements
printed resources:document size (oktav, quart, folio)
Keywords (DC 3) Keywords describing the content of the resource
Description (DC 4) Text description of resource (abstract).
URL (DC 10) online resourcesUniform Resource Locator: identifier for resource
offline and printed resources URL of online information if available
ISSN/ISBN (DC 10) International Standard Series Number / International Standard Book Number to identifyoffline and printed resources
Call Number (DC 10) offline and printed resourcesonly: SUB call number
Mirrors (DC 13) online resourcesonly: URL of the geographically closest mirror site
Derived from (DC 13) Relation between online/offline and printed resources, e.g. ISSN, ISBN of printed version (where applicable)
Contained in (DC 13) online resources: source into which the information is integrated/linked , e.g. department server (including URL)
offline resources: typically not applicable
printed resources: series title, if part of a series
Archived by (DC 13) Institution which archives resource
online resources: e.g. libraries, commercial publishers, archives
offline and printed resources: e.g. special subject libraries or libraries with special subject collections, such as the Lower-Saxonian State and University Library, Göttingen ( SUB Göttingen)
Source Type (SSG-FI) (or DC 8?) source type key, based on which the linklists of the Formal Guide are generated - e.g. databases, bibliographies, etc. as defined in Regeln für den Schlagwortkatalog (RSWK, 2nd edition 1991)
MSC/GOK/CABI verbal (DC 3 ) Subject heading of primary subject classification:
Mathematical Subject Classification (MSC), Göttinger Online Klassifikation (GOK) or CABICODE headings; multiple entries possible
MSC/GOK/CABI (DC 3 ) Primary subject classification:
Mathematical Subject Classification (MSC), Göttinger Online Klassifikation (GOK), or CABICODE; basis for the linklists of the Subject Guide; multiple entries possible.
DDC (DC 3 ) Secondary classification scheme:
Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)
BK (DC 3 ) Tertiary classification scheme:
Basic classification of the Joint Library Catalog of Northern Germany Libraries (GBV - Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund)
Year of publication (DC 7) Syntax: YYYYMMDD, for offline and printed resources
Updated (DC 7) for online resources only: Last update; Syntax: YYYYMMDD
Course (SSG-FI) Course of publications, e.g. quarterly, bimonthly, etc. for periodicals
Temporal Coverage (DC 14) Information on the period of time for which documents are available, Syntax: YYYYMMDD-YYYYMMDD
Access (DC 15) Access to the resources: online resources: does access invoke costs to users? If not: "free"
offline and printed resources: available via SUB Göttingen, OPAC, GBV Verbundkatalog, Deutschen Verbundkatalog or Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog (KVK). 
Restriction (DC 15) online resources: Other restrictions, e.g. if specific authorization, passwords, etc. are required. If not: "none"
offline and printed resources: dependent on library privileges of users
Remarks (DC 15) Additional information, if appropriate
online resources: e.g. on specific software needed to view or use documents
offline resources: subscription rates, etc.
Contents (SSG-FI ) Rating regarding the scholarly relevance, the scope of information, and analytical depth (superficial or exhaustive coverage); maximum: "***"
Clarity (SSG-FI ) Rating from * to *** (max.) regarding clarity, layout, and form in which the information is presented; maximum: "***"
Index (SSG-FI ) Rating from regarding structure and indexing of resource (table of contents, index, site map, local search engine); maximum: "***"
Links (SSG-FI ) online resources only
Rating from * to *** (max.) regarding number and relevance of links to similar and related topics; maximum: "***"
Level (SSG-FI ) Scholarly level on which the topic is treated (popular; undergraduate; graduate; professional)
Size (SSG-FI ) online resources: Number of entries or documents integrated into site or in database. If not provided by server, can be left blank.
offline resources: Number of records in database
printed resources: page count, etc.
Backlinks (SSG-FI ) online resources only: Number of backlinks to this site from other servers (determined using general search engines such as AltaVista)
Notes (SSG-FI ) Further notes, if appropriate
online resources: e.g. regarding status of construction
printed resources: information on forthcoming new editions, etc.
© SSG-FI (SSG-FI ) Date on which the SSG-FI record was created, or on which it has last been revisited by SSG-FI (syntax: YYYYMMDD)
Comment (Internal) Comments etc. to editors
Status (Internal) Record complete / incomplete

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